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Skin Lesion & Imperfections Laser Removal

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Skin Lesion & Imperfections

Blue laser treatment

The Blue laser is the perfect laser to remove unsightly skin imperfections benign lesions in just one treatment.

Using a 450nm blue laser technology, discomfort is reduced by up to 80% compared to similar treatment methods and can give immediate results.

The innovative treatment offers complete precision to ensure removal of the lesion without affecting healthy surrounding tissue.

Clinical treatments of the Blue laser include:

Skin lesion such as:

Nevi, seborrheic keratosis, age spots, warts, verrucae’s, fibroids, skin tags and other non-pigmented lesions such as cyst millet/ millia, sebaceus hyperplasias and sebaceous cyst.

Removes vascular skin lesions such as:

Cherry angiomas, telangiectasias, spider veins, thread veins and rosacea.

Prices from Just £60 per session depending on size of area and number of lesions to be treated.