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*IMPORTANT UPDATE* Due to increasing energy, supplier and staff costs, there will be a treatment price increase throughout July 2022. Any treatments bookedonce the price increase comes into effect will be charged at the new price, unless they have been prepaid in advance before the increase takes effect. Thank you for your continued support. heart


Hykeham exclusive

Responsible Tanning  means taking in sufficient UV light so that it has a positive impact on your mind and body, as tanning has more benefits than just giving your skin a healthy colour. Sunlight lifts our mood and makes us feel great. It gives us a boost of energy throughout the day and helps to produce Vitamin D3. In fact, sunlight can have such a powerful effect on well-being, it’s what inspired us to introduce some of the most innovative tanning devices in our Hykeham branch. From relaxing lay-down beds that will help you to build up a healthy tan, to the i-series stand-ups that give you the freedom to move and re-energise. All the while you Recharge Yourself and enjoy some precious personal time.

Our tanning bed choices:

Lay down Tanning

The Q10 Sunbed is a classic model and a genuinely spacious interior.

It offers a superb experience with facial tanning, shoulder tanning and a full body cooler.

Stand up tanning with collatan tubes and a vibraPlate

The i8 Limited Edition is one of Ultrasun’s special devices. It’s an upright tanning machine that offers a superb tan and tone experience complete with CollaTubes for tanning and skin rejuvenation. It’s a tanning machine that gives you a fantastic tan and reduces the visible signs of ageing with the option to use the vibra plate whilst tanning for lower-body toning. A must-have feature for anyone who wants defined legs. Slightly bend your knees and choose one of the three pre-installed programs – Relax, Regular and Active – or manually set the speed, time and intensity of the vibrations. Better yet, you can combine the vibrations with music to create the perfect workout session. On top of that, the VibraPlate has natural bacteriostatic properties

£1 per minute

60 minute course £50 (0.83p per minute)

90 minute course £70 (0.77p per minute)

120 minute course £85 (0.70p per minute )

We operate a walk in service for our sunbeds, however if you wish to pre-book your time slot please call us directly on 01522-797989 opt 3. Sunbed appointments are not available to book online. 

Tan responsibly, must be over 18 to use a tanning bed. Sunbeds are only available at our Hykeham branch